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Interns, staff to get first dibs on Boston 2024 swag

Officials from Boston 2024 said they hope to donate the ping pong table that was in their office to a youth sports organization.Jim Davis/Globe staff

T-shirts, sunglasses, rubber bracelets — some items emblazoned with the Boston 2024 Olympics logo are still lingering in boxes at the organization’s offices in the city’s Seaport District.

So what’s going to happen to the stuff now that the city won’t play host to the Summer Games?

According to Boston 2024 officials, there is very little “swag” left over. But the interns, volunteers, and staff who worked tirelessly to try to
convince residents that hosting the Olympics would be beneficial will get first dibs on the paraphernalia.

“Our staff and interns get the opportunity to take home the limited branded items we have available as mementoes of this once-in-a-lifetime experience,” said Erin Murphy, Boston 2024’s chief operating officer, in a statement.


Anything that former employees don’t claim will probably be recycled in some manner, she said, a process that’s in the works.

“We’re prioritizing recycling options by partnering with local organizations for whatever remains,” Smith said.

The office supplies — pens, pencils, paper, and notebooks — that Boston 2024 accumulated over the months that it fought for the Olympics will benefit the children in the community.

“Our office supplies will be donated to school supply drives,” Murphy said.

Officials said they hoped a ping pong table bearing the organization’s logo would be donated to a youth sports organization.

At least two enterprising people who somehow got their hands on the branded items — which were given away at various events before the collapse of the bid — briefly offered them for sale on eBay.

On Friday, a pair of Boston 2024 sunglasses went up for sale with a starting bid of 24 cents. But it was pulled soon after. The website said the item had been removed by the seller because the item had been “lost or broken.”

A second item was also for sale on eBay last week. A user registered in Chile was trying to get rid of a Boston 2024 pin, hoping to get $65 for a token of an Olympics that was not to be.


Like the sunglasses, the pin later disappeared from the site.

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