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Car magnate Ernie Boch Jr. has invited Donald Trump to “come on down.”

On Aug. 28, the Republican presidential hopeful will be the featured guest at a political fund-raiser hosted and organized by Boch at his Norwood mansion.

“I believe that if you are interested in exploring a bit more about who Mr. Trump is, then seeing him up close and personal is the best way to do it,” said Boch, the owner of Boch Enterprises. “I think that it’s a good opportunity to come and hear him speak.”

A spokesperson from Trump’s camp confirmed that the real estate mogul would attend the event.


“Ernie’s Summer Bash,” a three-hour fund-raiser that will feature live music and a speech by Trump, is a private event. Those who were lucky enough to receive an invitation from Boch will need to pay $100 to get in the door and hear what Trump has to say.

Boch said he’s not necessarily throwing his weight behind the presidential contender, who last week stole the spotlight during the most-watched primary debate in history. But Boch is intrigued by Trump, an unabashed businessman who is making a controversial dash for the White House.

“What attracts me to Mr. Trump is that he is not a politician and that he doesn’t speak like a politician. And to me, that’s refreshing,” said Boch.

When asked about his thoughts on Trump’s recent remarks and clash with Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, Boch admitted that the presidential candidate can be a “polarizing” figure.

“Do I agree with everything he said at the debate? Absolutely not. But he is who he is,” said Boch, a registered Republican. “I’m not telling people who to vote for. I’m just here to bring people together to listen to him talk and let them decide on their own.”


Trump isn’t the first Republican candidate that Boch has hosted a fundraiser for. Boch once supported former Gov. Mitt Romney during a gubernatorial race.

For Boch, the summer bash will be all about educating voters.

“Whether you are for him or against him, you will be more educated in your decision for who to vote for after hearing him speak,” Boch said. “Is he a loose cannon? Maybe a little. But who hasn’t been a loose cannon in their life? That’s the appeal.”

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