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Worcester woman says SWAT team raided her home by mistake

WORCESTER — A Worcester woman said police and a SWAT team mistakenly raided her apartment and that she was frisked by an officer before being allowed to put clothes on.

Marianne Diaz told the Telegram & Gazette she awoke to State Police detectives and a SWAT team breaking down the door of her Hillside Street apartment Wednesday.

Diaz, 23, said she knelt with her frightened daughters beside her as officers with shields pointed guns in her direction.

‘‘Stop [expletive] crying and take care of your [expletive] kids,’’ she said an officer said.

A female officer frisked her though she was naked, she said. Ten minutes passed before she could cover herself, she added.


Diaz’s fiance, Bryant Alequin, said he suffered a minor back injury during the raid. Their roommate, Joshua Matos, said doctors told him his wrist, which had been recovering from a break, was refractured.

District Attorney Joseph Early said that State Police acted on the best intelligence available, a warrant filed by a trooper who said a trusted source told him that the intended suspect, ‘‘Mr. Jackson,’’ was there.

In an affidavit, Trooper Nicholas E. Nason said a confidential informant told him the suspect had been staying in the apartment. He wrote that police had raided the apartment last September, finding drugs.

The man being sought was a previous tenant of the Hillside Street apartment, the Telegram & Gazette reported. Records showed that on Aug. 6, police had arrested him on a theft warrant at a different address.

Hector Pineiro, the lawyer for Diaz and Alequin, demanded an investigation.

‘‘This botched gun raid, without any doubt, is about an innocent family with two children — one disabled — who were utterly terrorized.”