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In Allston, more Christmas wishes may be coming true

A sampling of the results of this year’s Allston Christmas.Steve Annear/Globe Staff

Anyone need a fog machine? A map of Paris? A palm tree wrapped in Christmas lights?

The tempo of Allston Christmas picked up Tuesday as tenants moving out of apartments left all manner of stuff behind on the street, while tenants moving in took their places.

On Linden Street in the student-dense neighborhood, you could pick up a stack of Marvel comic books and read them after brewing coffee in a Keurig coffeemaker — an item that was also available on the street.

Garbage bags and stacked mattresses were everywhere.

Mateo Abbate, an exchange student from Italy attending Boston University this year, said, “I found a desk, some chairs, one lamp,” he said. “But I’m looking for some more stuff for completing the apartment.”


Along Ashford Street, a dumpster on the side of the road overflowed with clothing, backpacks, and, for those looking for something to read at a bargain price, a book called “The Genius of China.”

The streets contained more bounty Tuesday than Monday, when some were disappointed by the slim pickings.