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Kennedy Library had highest number of online visitors in fiscal year 2014

The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum draws about 200,000 visitors a year.DAVID L. RYAN/GLOBE STAFF/FILE 2003/Boston Globe

The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in Boston had the highest number of online visitors of the 13 presidential libraries in fiscal year 2014, according to figures provided by the National Archives.

More than 4.5 million people visited the library virtually. The library with the next highest online attendance was the Harry S Truman Library in Independence, Mo., at about 3 million visits.

The Kennedy Library ranked lower when it came to museum attendance. It had the fourth highest number of visitors at nearly 200,000, behind the William J. Clinton, Ronald Reagan, and George W. Bush libraries.

The Kennedy Library also came in fourth in daily research visitors, according to the National Archives data, with 1,082 researchers per day.


The library has welcomed more than 8 million visitors since it opened on Oct. 20, 1979. The only other presidential library to exceed that number of visitors is the Lyndon B. Johnson Library, which was dedicated more than eight years before the Kennedy Library.

Presidential libraries, by the numbers
Visitor totals for the 13 presidential libraries in fiscal year 2014
Library Location President's Term Library Opening Museum Attendance Daily Research Visits Online Visits
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library West Branch, Iowa 1929-1933 8/10/1962 43,085 442 598,445
Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library Hyde Park, New York 1933-1945 7/4/1940 139,929 1,041 857,874
Harry S. Truman Presidential Library Independence, Missouri 1945-1953 7/6/1957 59,499 593 3,031,927
Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library Abilene, Kansas 1953-1961 5/1/1962 186,317 1,710 1,050,082
John F. Kennedy Presidential Library Boston, Massachusetts 1961-1963 10/20/1979 198,651 1,082 4,572,517
Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library Austin, Texas 1963-1969 5/22/1971 139,026 1,432 2,601,037
Richard Nixon Presidential Library Yorba Linda, California 1969-1974 7/11/2007 85,281 1,438 2,142,732
Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library Ann Arbor, Michigan 1974-1977 4/27/1981 158,345 579 1,526,926
Jimmy Carter Presidential Library Atlanta, Georgia 1977-1981 10/1/1986 51,703 499 446,920
Ronald Reagan Presidential Library Simi Valley, California 1981-1989 11/4/1991 383,470 944 1,987,885
George Bush Presidential Library College Station, Texas 1989-1993 11/6/1997 136,101 330 828,917
William J. Clinton Presidential Library Little Rock, Arkansas 1993-2001 11/18/2004 333,897 226 1,340,829
George W. Bush Presidential Library Dallas, Texas 2001-2009 4/25/2013 490,887 111 2,102,605
SOURCE: National Archives, Museums' websites

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