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A first dusting of snow takes Boston area by surprise

The Boston area got its first sprinkling of snow on Sunday afternoon, sparking disbelief — and, for some, delight — as winter draws nearer.

Although the snow didn’t pile up to any measurable depth, social media users near Boston posted reports of flakes in the air and on surfaces starting around 1 p.m. Alan Dunham, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Taunton, said the weather would clear up by this evening.

“The skies will become clear tonight,” he said. “It’s pretty much hit-or-miss across the state.”

Winter officially begins on Dec. 21. Last year, the first snow in what would eventually amount to more than 108 inches to blanket Boston over the course of the winter struck in early November, according to reports from the time.


Naturally, dozens of Massachusetts residents took to Twitter to register their bafflement, disappointment, and joy. But in some smartphone videos and photos, it’s not even clear that snow is falling.

Jack Newsham can be reached at jack.newsham@globe.com.