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A town-by-town look at Walgreens, Rite Aid, and CVS stores in Massachusetts

A Walgreens logo was seen outside its store. Mike Segar/REUTERS

CVS has long dominated the drug store market in Massachusetts, but with Walgreens’ planned purchase of Rite Aid, CVS will suddenly face some strong competition.

The $17.2-billion deal announced this week, which will undergo federal review before it is finalized, would make Walgreens a close second to CVS in terms of store count statewide.

There are 148 Rite Aid stores and 164 Walgreens stores statewide, for a total of 312 locations, which is not far behind CVS’s 356 locations, according to a Globe review of data from the companies’ respective websites.

Analysts have said they believe that Walgreens would shutter some overlapping Rite Aid stores if the deal is completed.


But in some communities Walgreens will gain a foothold it has never had before. Rite Aid owns a total of 58 stores in 49 different Massachusetts towns and cities where Walgreens currently owns none.

Boston will remain a CVS stronghold, with 42 CVS stores, compared with 27 combined for the other two chains.

See a town-by-town breakdown below:

A CVS spokesman provided a store list for Massachusetts, while officials at the other two companies referred the Globe to their websites.

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