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Few arrests in Salem despite big Halloween crowd

Lisa Pontes donned a ghoulish costume in Salem.
Lisa Pontes donned a ghoulish costume in Salem.Kayana Szymczak for the Boston Globe

Nice weather brought more crowds than ever before to Salem for the city's annual Halloween festivities — and fewer arrests.

"On Saturday, we had about 100,000 people come into Salem," said Salem police Lieutenant Conrad Prosniewski. Due to the size of the costumed crowd, he said, police closed down some streets around 1 p.m., earlier than in previous years.

Prosniewski said the larger crowds were most likely due to comfortable weather and fewer people working on Saturday.

Eight people were arrested on a mix of disorderly conduct and assault and battery charges, Prosniewski said. He said the incidents were mostly alcohol-related.


Three are being held in police custody and the other five will appear in court Monday, Prosniewski said.

"We had record high crowds and record low arrests," he said.

Salem police prepare themselves for Halloween a year in advance. Prosniewski said the department will hold a meeting soon to discuss what happened this year and start preparation for next.

"We are very happy at the way Halloween went," he said.

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