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Countries, US states where Syrian refugees have settled

Since the conflict in Syria began four years ago, Massachusetts has accepted the 11th most Syrian refugees of any US state. Still, the numbers of Syrian refugees placed here and elsewhere around the country are far lower than the totals seen in Europe and other parts of the world.

More than 4 million people have fled Syria since the conflict began in 2011.

Hundreds of thousands of the refugees have flocked to Europe, but only 2,200 have come to the United States since 2011, according to records kept by the US Department of State’s Refugee Processing Center.

Most of the Syrian refugees, more than 1,800 of them, were placed in the US this year.


The states with the most Syrian refugees are: California (252); Texas (243); Michigan (207); Arizona (168); and Illinois (166).

Massachusetts has accepted 72 Syrian refugees.

Elsewhere in New England, 42 Syrian refugees have been placed in Connecticut; 3 have been placed in New Hampshire; one in Maine, and none in Rhode Island or Vermont.

Syrians represent a small fraction — less than 1 percent — of the more than 16,700 refugees of all nationalities that have been placed in New England since 2011.

The picture is similar nationally, with 2,181 Syrian refugees placed in the United States since 2011, compared with 316,500 refugees overall.

With worldwide concern over the plight of refugees flooding out of the Middle East — and some European countries taking in huge numbers — the number of Syrian refugees settling here is expected to increase soon. The White House said in September that the United States would take in at least 10,000 during the next 12 months.

But on Monday, in the wake of the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker joined several American governors in announcing they will not allow any Syrian refugees to move to their states.


The governors are responding to heightened concerns that terrorists might use the refugees as cover to sneak across borders. One of the attackers in Paris had a Syrian passport, and Paris prosecutors say fingerprints from the attacker match those of someone who passed through Greece in October.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for President Barack Obama said Sunday that the United States is moving forward with its plan to take in more Syrian refugees.

Globally, the largest settlement of Syrian refugees is in Turkey, where nearly 2.2 million have registered, followed by: Lebanon where more than 1 million Syrian refugees have registered; 245,134 in Iraq; and 205,578 in Serbia.

In Germany, 153,655 Syrian refugees have applied for asylum, according to data from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. About 8,050 Syrian refugees have applied for asylum in France, the data shows.

Countries where Syrian refugees have gone
A look at the latest available counts of Syrian refugees by nation. (Note: Includes both registered refugees and asylum applications since 2011)
Country Refugees
Turkey 2,181,293
Lebanon 1,075,637
Jordan 630,776
Iraq 245,134
Serbia 205,578
Germany 153,655
Egypt 127,681
Sweden 93,268
Hungary 71,845
Austria 27,379
Netherlands 22,159
Bulgaria 16,167
Denmark 14,533
Belgium 12,030
Norway 11,246
Switzerland 9,588
France 8,050
United Kingdom 7,735
Spain 6,253
Greece 4,588
Montenegro 2,964
Cyrpus 2,889
Romania 2,364
Italy 2,183
United States 2,181
The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 2,087
Finland 1,127
Malta 1,104
Poland 733
Luxembourg 496
Croatia 359
Czech Repulic 308
Portugal 190
Slovenia 189
Albania 187
Ireland 113
Bosnia and Herzegovina 101
Latvia 89
Slovakia 61
Estonia 42
Lithuania 29
Iceland 19
SOURCE: US Department of State Refugee Processing Center, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
States where Syrian refugees have been placed
A breakdown of where Syrian refugees have settled in the US since 2011, when the Syrian conflict began.
State Syrian refugees
California 252
Texas 243
Michigan 207
Arizona 168
Illinois 166
Pennsylvania 142
Florida 123
Kentucky 101
New Jersey 88
Ohio 76
Massachusetts 72
Georgia 66
North Carolina 56
New York 51
Connecticut 42
Tennessee 42
Indiana 39
Maryland 39
Washington 38
Idaho 36
Missouri 29
Virginia 24
Louisiana 14
Utah 12
Colorado 9
Kansas 8
Nevada 8
Minnesota 7
New Mexico 6
Oregon 6
New Hampshire 3
Oklahoma 3
Wisconsin 2
Arizona 1
Maine 1
West Virginia 1
Alabama 0
Alaska 0
American Samoa 0
Delaware 0
Washington D.C. 0
Guam 0
Hawaii 0
Iowa 0
Mississippi 0
Montana 0
Nebraska 0
North Dakota 0
Puerto Rico 0
Rhode Island 0
South Carolina 0
South Dakota 0
Vermont 0
Virginia 0
Wyoming 0
Total 2,181
SOURCE: US Department of State Refugee Processing Center

Material from the Associated Press was used in this report. Matt Rocheleau can be reached at matthew.rocheleau@globe.com. Follow him on Twitter @mrochele