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Paintings stolen from Maine businessman returned, FBI says

The Encounter on Freshwater CliffFBI Photo

The final two of six N.C. Wyeth paintings that were stolen from a Portland, Maine, businessman in 2013 have been returned, the FBI announced Thursday.

The pictures, “The Encounter on Freshwater Cliff,” and “Go Dutton and That Right Speedily,” were returned on Oct. 9, the FBI said.

A person who wishes to remain anonymous returned the paintings to a retired FBI agent in the Boston area, the FBI said. Both paintings were in good condition and in their original frames.

Per the owner’s request, the paintings will remain in possession of the Portland Museum of Art, where visitors can view them, the agency said.


The agency said the four other paintings were recovered by the agency last December in pawn shops in Los Angeles. Three people have already been arrested in connection with the theft: Lawrence Estrella, Oscar Leroy Roberts, and Dean Coroniti.

Estrella, 65, of Worcester; Roberts, 37, of North Hollywood, Calif.; and Coroniti, 55, also of North Hollywood, all pleaded guilty to various charges in connection with the theft of the paintings. Estrella and Roberts are each serving prison time, and Coroniti is slated to be sentenced in December.

The FBI said no further arrests had been made.

The investigation was initiated in June 2013, the agency said, after the Portland police requested the FBI’s help in solving what is believed to be one of the most significant thefts in Maine history.

Go Dutton and That Right SpeedilyFBI Photo