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Marathon bombing survivor says airline lost luggage with prosthetic parts

Adrianne Haslet-Davis performed on stage at the 2014 TED Conference. It was the first time she had performed since losing part of her left leg in the Boston Marathon bombing.James Duncan Davidson/TED 2014 Conference via AP

Boston Marathon bombings survivor Adrianne Haslet-Davis says she is unable to dance again after an airline lost her luggage, which contained $250,000 worth of prosthetic leg and dance parts.

Haslet-Davis is a professional dancer who lost her lower left leg in the April 2013 attacks. In March 2014, she was able to dance publicly again in a TED Conference in Vancouver, B.C., while wearing a prosthetic leg that was made for her at the MIT Media Lab.

Just after 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Haslet-Davis tweeted: "Hi @AmericanAir u lost my luggage w over $250k of leg & dance parts. I have an entire team on u. Pls respond, been days can't dance #retweet."


American Airlines replied to the tweet, telling Haslet-Davis to direct a message to its Twitter account with the bag files reference number.

"We're terribly sorry we lost this bag and we're working directly with the customer to get it back to her just as soon as possible," said the airline's Senior Manager for Corporate Communications Joshua Freed, in an e-mail to the Globe.

Since Haslet-Davis's initial tweet on the incident, she received many tweets and retweets of support.

User @IslandKind63 tweeted, "@AdrianneHaslet @AmericanAir Come on AA, I am an executive platinum with over 2 million miles. U r better than this!"

"@AdrianneHaslet I hope everything will turn OK very, soon. I know @AmericanAirwill find your luggage and reimburse for the inconvenience," said a tweet from user @AdamSmietanka.

Haslet-Davis could not be reached for comment Thursday night.

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