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sunday’s child

Sunday’s Child is Michael, 20

He enjoys working on cars.
He enjoys working on cars.

Michael is a 20-year-old who has never given up hope, even after many years in state care, that the right adoptive family is out there for him. He is described as funny, kind, patient with adults, and always willing to help out.

Michael enjoys spending time with his friends and going on outings, and he is a sports fan. He is interested in building and working on cars and loves animals. As he has grown up, he has looked toward the future; he is motivated to succeed, both at home and in school. At work, he would like to do auto detailing or mechanics, but he also wants to be successful in a family setting.


Michael will thrive in a calm and supportive household. He does best when he is kept busy. He needs a patient family willing to stick with him through thick and thin. Given a lot of love, attention, and support, Michael could realize his dream of truly belonging somewhere, and to someone. He is ready to meet his forever family!

National Adoption Month

About 108,000 children and teens are in foster care in the United States, waiting to be adopted. During National Adoption Month our traveling “Heart Gallery” display of waiting children in Massachusetts will be at South Station through Nov. 30. On Nov. 20, more than 100 children who had been in foster care were adopted into loving families across the state.

Since 2000, about 54,000 children have had their adoptions made final on National Adoption Day, when policymakers, judges, children’s workers, families, and volunteers come together to celebrate adoption in communities large and small across the nation.

To learn more about National Adoption Day, or about Michael and adoption from foster care, call the Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) at 617-54-ADOPT (617-542-3678), or visit www.mareinc.org.