Man, 19, arrested in stabbing of Everett football player

MALDEN — Authorities arrested a man Wednesday who they say attacked an Everett High School football player the night after he scored the winning touchdown in an upset playoff victory on Halloween.

Osmin Murcia, 19, a former Everett High School student, was held without bail in the stabbing of Marvens Fedna, a 16-year-old junior. According to police, Fedna picked Murcia out of a photo array, saying "This is him. This is the kid who stabbed me."

Shortly after midnight on Nov. 1, Fedna and a group of friends were walking down Broadway in Everett after attending a Halloween party when they were approached by two young men, according to a police report. Fedna's friends said they wanted no trouble and tried to keep walking, but Murcia allegedly pulled out a knife and tried to stab a member of the group.


Fedna came to his friend's defense, punching Murcia in the face, prosecutors said. As he did this, Murcia stabbed him in the back, inflicting a severe "hand-sized wound," according to prosecutors.

Fedna remained in critical condition for three days and required several surgeries to stop the bleeding and repair his lung. He was also stabbed in his left hand and remains in a cast.

The break in the case came this week, when Fedna's brother told police one of Fedna's friends had identified Murcia as the attacker.

The friend told Fedna's brother he did not tell police because he feared retaliation. Before dropping out of Everett High School in the fall, Murcia had tried to stab another student, the friend said.

"He was confident that this was the person and remembered his face," police wrote.

Murcia is originally from El Salvador, court records show, and moved to the United States about a year ago. When police arrested him at his home in Everett, they found a large knife by his bed.


Murcia pleaded not guilty at his arraignment in Malden District Court.

A hearing was scheduled for Friday to determine whether he poses a danger to the public. Murcia's lawyer did not contest bail.

In Everett's upset victory over top-seeded St. John's Prep, Fedna, who has played quarterback and running back, rushed 15 times for 66 yards on a second-half drive that ended in a touchdown with less than nine minutes to go in the game.

Andy Rosen of the Globe staff contributed to this report. Peter Schworm can be reached at schworm@globe.com. Follow him on Twitter @globepete.