As authorities investigate an MBTA Red Line train that rolled through four station stops Thursday morning without an operator, some Twitter users are making light of the incident, even giving it a digital personality with a parody Twitter account.

Law enforcement officials are taking the issue — which injured a T employee — very seriously. But others are treating the unusual turn of events as fodder for jokes.

The account, @ghosttrainred , goes by the name “Red Line Ghost Train” and began tweeting at about 10:30 a.m. Thursday.

The tweets make jokes about the train’s efforts to be on time and the MBTA’s ability to not pay a pension for the “ghost train,” as many Twitter users have begun calling it.


“Hey @google, you hiring? #selfdrivingtrain #redline #ghosttrain,” the parody account wrote in one tweet.

Another tweet, apparently in the imagined voice of the train, said, “Hey! Who shut my power off?!!! #redline #ghosttrain @MBTA”

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