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Fan first in line to nab spot for latest ‘Star Wars’ film

Kyle Babbitt staked out his spot in front of the Loews Theater.Globe Staff

On a gray, folding lawn chair, not so far away from the front doors of the Loews Theater on Tremont Street, a dedicated Star Wars fan waited patiently Thursday for the premiere of the sci-fi franchise's latest installment to hit the big screen.

Kyle Babbitt, 25, was the first to arrive Thursday outside of the theater, hoping to snag the perfect seats for one of the first showings of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."

"It's the first time I'm at an age that I can appreciate Star Wars," he said. "I'm really wrapped up into the entire Star Wars universe."

Babbitt, who arrived at 7 a.m., had purchased four tickets to the 10 p.m. screening months ago.


But he said the quest to get the tickets was "one of the more stressful moments of his life."

Due to the high demand, websites where fans could purchase movie stubs kept crashing. Babbitt said he had two computers, a tablet, and two smartphones running at the same time when trying to order tickets.

With his passes to see the movie finally secured, his next move was to ensure that he and his friends had the best spot in the house.

Anticipating long lines Thursday, Babbitt packed a bag full of snacks, two magazines and two novels about Star Wars, a pair of lawn chairs, and a smoothie, and set up his post in front of the theater.

Only a set amount of patrons were allowed on the small area of sidewalk outside the AMC Loews Boston Common theater. Once that area was full, patrons waited in the rain across the street on Boston Common.Jim Davis/Globe Staff/Globe Staff

Why go through so much effort just to see a movie, one might ask?

"I feel like there's so much. I'm really into sci-fi, and this is one of the best and most expansive stories that space operas have to offer," he said.

As he stood by the theater's glass doors, Babbitt quickly made what he called a "Star Wars friend."

A second fan, John Lobo, arrived just after noon. He was the second person in line.


Like Babbitt, Lobo, 22, had purchased tickets far in advance. He said he drove from Marion, about an hour from Boston, to make sure the entire Star Wars experience was perfect.

"I just figured I'd be safe, and try to grab seats if I can," said Lobo, who was wearing a Star Wars-themed winter hat. "It's just, I love Star Wars ... It has a nostalgic connection for me. It's such a unique movie, and you don't get that experience with other sci-fi movies."

A long line of “Star Wars” fans stood out in the rain outside the Loews Theater.JIM DAVIS/GLOBE STAFF

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