Dog saved after falling through ice in Billerica

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A black Labrador retriever is recovering at home in Billerica after falling through ice into a frigid pond Thursday morning.

The dog fell through while on a walk at Winning Pond at Vietnam Veterans Park at about 8:30 a.m, said Captain Erik Szymanski of the Billerica Fire Department.

Firefighters found the lab with her paws up on the ice keeping the front half of her body above water, Szymanski said. She was in the water for about five minutes, he said.

"We were actually surprised to get a call because there is not much running water in this particular area," Szymanski said. "We haven't done rescues here in a while."


Billerica Animal Control checked the lab at the scene and did not find any signs of hypothermia, Szymanski said.

Firefighters, whose station was less than a mile away, arrived within five minutes of when the dog's owner called for help, Szymanski said. The rescue lasted a couple of minutes, he said.

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