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Pranksters make presence known at N.H. campaign rallies

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A man was escorted out of a Donald Trump rally in Windham, N.H., in January after saying that candidate’s speech was boring.
A man was escorted out of a Donald Trump rally in Windham, N.H., in January after saying that candidate’s speech was boring.REUTERS

Controversial statements and insults have become the norm on the campaign trail, but exorcisms?

That's a new one.

In Raymond, N.H., on Monday, two men who bear a striking resemblance to the members of "The Good Liars," a self-proclaimed "guerilla comedy" duo, showed up to a rally for Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz while holding a mirror and crosses.

As Cruz spoke, the men shouted loudly that Cruz had a "demonic soul," and chanted that "evil" should "leave" his body.

In an effort to brush off the protesters after they were escorted from the room, and regain control of the situation, Cruz told the crowd that, "Usually lefties don't believe in God."


In a video posted by the Dallas Morning News, after the men were ejected, the two hecklers continued the antics, with one making retching sounds as they stood by an exit door.

The two individuals seem to have injected their bipartisan trolling efforts elsewhere in New Hampshire.

During a broadcast of Hillary Clinton stumping in Hudson, N.H., on Monday night, the same two men appeared to be standing directly behind the former secretary of state as she addressed supporters.

The men, who were in perfect view of the cameras, were wearing T-shirts that read "Settle for Hillary," a subtle jab embedded into Clinton's presidential campaign logo.

A video posted by the Associated Press shows the two individuals chatting idly, doing their best to blend in with the crowd.

So far, the two suspected pranksters have flown under the radar, refusing to give their names to reporters. The members of "The Good Liars" did not immediately return requests for comment from the Globe.

"The Good Liars" first gained notoriety on Jan. 11., when they wormed their way into a Donald Trump rally, dressed for the part.


In a video posted to one of the members' YouTube page, the two men, wearing "Make America Great Again" hats, are seen chanting in support of Trump and getting the candidate's attention.

Soon, the tides turn, and they begin to shout that Trump is "boring," eliciting "boos" from the crowd.

The men are then forced out of the building by security at the direction of Trump.

In a separate video posted by the comedic pair last month, “The Good Liars” are seen trying to build a “wall” around Trump Tower in New York City.

The theme of subjecting the unsuspecting candidates to practical jokes also emerged in Iowa.

It was there that two Emerson College students played a prank on Cruz by staging a proposal in front of a swelling room of his supporters. A photo of the faux-engagement was widely shared online, and the students came forward and admitted the act was made in jest.

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