It’s never been this hot in Boston this early in the year.

Temperatures in the city had reached 77 degrees as of mid-afternoon Wednesday, which not only surpassed Boston’s record high for March 9, but also marked the first time Boston has seen temperatures reach 77 or more degrees this early in the year.

The old record for the earliest day when the temperatures hit 77 degrees or more was March 20, which happened in both 1921 and 1945, according to 141 years’ worth of records from the National Weather Service.

The historical average for the first day of 77-degree temperatures or more is April 27. The longest it has ever taken for temperatures to reach at least 77 was June 10, 1997.


A year ago Wednesday, temperatures only reached 48 degrees — and a couple of feet of snow still lingered on the ground, with even taller snowbanks. And we were just several days away from breaking the city’s all-time seasonal snowfall record.

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