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Charlton police warn of men challenging others to rap battles

An offer by a group of men to have a “rap battle” with three teenage boys in Charlton is considered suspicious and is being investigated by police.

Charlton police took to Facebook to warn the public about the incident, which happened on Saturday afternoon. A black SUV with the men inside pulled up next to the teens on Dresser Hill Road and asked if they wanted to “spit some bars,” police said, but the boys declined.

“With something of this nature we don’t know the specific intent,” said Sergeant Gary Mason. “It could be that they just wanted to just do some freestyle rapping, but one of the concerns is that one of the occupants had exited the vehicle and asked if they wanted to come in to spit some bars.”


The people who tried to incite the “rap battle” have not yet been found, Mason said.

Police said the behavior was “suspicious” and “frightening” to the boys, but it did not appear to be an attempted abduction. Regardless, the department said it will take the complaint seriously “until proven otherwise.”

The incident prompted police to inform the public, see if any agencies had similar incidents, and encourage residents to come forward with helpful information, Mason said.

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