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Walsh taps into his inner Adele in St. Patrick’s Day breakfast video

It’s not every day that the leader of a major city slips into a fur coat and stands outside the State House trying to woo the governor — but it’s not unheard of on St. Patrick’s weekend.

Mayor Martin J. Walsh on Sunday, during the annual St. Patrick’s Day breakfast, a time for elected officials to dig into each other with sometimes painfully awkward jokes, played a video in which he donned the coat as Adele’s hit song “Hello” plays in the background.

The sepia-toned video highlights the “bromance” between Walsh, a Democrat, and Baker, a Republican, and shows how that relationship has at times unraveled.


“The Bromance between Mayor Walsh and Governor Baker has fallen on tough times,” the video description says. “The Mayor does his best to channel Adele to get things back on track.”

Throughout the video, Walsh calls Baker on the phone, trying to get in touch.

“Call me back,” Walsh says in the video. “I need you.”

At one point, he is seen walking toward the State House wearing the fur coat and sunglasses, taking a page out of Adele’s own music video.

The video uses headlines from various Globe stories and from other media coverage to convey how close the two once were.

Walsh in the video tries to rekindle that flame by asking Baker in phone messages to help him bring General Electric to Boston.

The ending, like any good love story, is a happy one. Baker finally returns Walsh’s calls, and the two reconnect in perfect harmony.

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