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Two Uber drivers were robbed by their passengers in the same Jamaica Plain neighborhood early Wednesday morning, and one of the drivers was warned by an attacker, who might have been armed with a gun, that his family would be shot if he resisted, Boston police said.

In an incident that played out at 12:51 a.m., three men got into an Uber vehicle, one of them in the front passenger seat, the Uber driver told police. The men got in around the 900 block of Parker Street and asked to be driven to Bickford Street, police said.

Once there, one of the men grabbed the driver’s arms while another placed an object against the driver’s head that he believed was a gun, police said. The man sitting in the front passenger seat stole the driver’s prescription eyeglasses, his wallet, LG Android cellphone, and Garmin GPS device, police said.


Before they ran off, one of the suspects told the driver that he “would come to his house and shoot him and his family if he tries anything,” police said.

The driver made it to a nearby convenience store where he called police. The suspects were described as young men around 19 to 20 years old. The man who sat in the front passenger seat was wearing a gray hooded sweat shirt, police said.

The other incident happened just after midnight. A second Uber driver reported to police he was assaulted by two men he picked up on Dewey Street in Dorchester who asked him to drive them to Centre Street in Jamaica Plain.

At their request, the Uber driver stopped on Bickford Street — a short distance away from where the second robbery took place — to let the two men out of the vehicle.

Then, one of the two men slapped the driver in the back of the head and stole the victim’s white Samsung Galaxy 4 before running away.


Both drivers declined medical attention.

Police said the investigation is continuing, and no arrests have been made.

Carlie Waibel, an Uber spokeswoman, said the drivers use cellphones for transactions.

“Requesting and paying for a car is all done within the app,” she said. “There is no cash exchanged.”

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