Google and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad prank


They went for a “mic drop” and found the instant feedback grating on their ears.

Yes, Google’s annual April Fools’ Day joke was a disaster. It allegedly cost people jobs, interviews, and possibly friendships.

For those fortunate enough to have slept through the initial launch, Google’s prank for 2016 was a new mic drop button that would give the user “the last word on any e-mail” by automatically adding a gif, “an explanatory image — just to help set expectations,” the company wrote.

As it turns out, placing a joke button next to the send button results in people clicking on the joke button — even accidentally. For some Gmail users, they unknowingly added a character from “Minions’’ dropping a microphone, meaning the conversation is over. People quickly took to the Internet to find a way to remove the button and, of course, to complain.


One user, in particular, claims to have lost a job opportunity due to the prank.

“This mic drop is perhaps the most stupid thing you could possibly come up with. I have been interviewing with this company for 3 months now and mistakenly sent the e-mail directly to guess who? The HR! Why would you do that? I so want this job; was due to start on Monday!” wrote user Abdus Salam.

Another user asked if Google would employ them after they accidentally sent an e-mail to their supervisor.

Google took to its blog after taking down the feature.

“Well, it looks like we pranked ourselves this year,” starts the post, before explaining that “[d]ue to a bug, the Mic Drop feature inadvertently caused more headaches than laughs. We’re truly sorry.”

Aimee Ortiz


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