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Milton elementary school makes way for ducklings

A mother and her flock of ducklings paraded through a Milton elementary school Tuesday as they made their way to a nearby pond from the courtyard where they hatched, an annual rite of spring for the youngsters at Glover Elementary School.

More than 500 students sat cross-legged in the hallway and on the playground for the annual duck walk. Many of their faces lit up when the mother and her 10 newly hatched ducklings waddled by. The entire episode was documented on video.

Principal Sheila Kukstis said in an interview that the walk is a tradition for the elder duck, as well.


“The mother knows where she’s going because she’s done it before,” she said.

The ducklings hatched in the school’s outdoor courtyard Tuesday, Kukstis said.

Students, parents, and teachers look forward to the parade each year, Kukstis said. The walk has been going on for at least a decade, she said.

The school nurse’s nephew, Bill Driscoll, captured the stroll on video, the principal said.

Students who live nearby will often look for the ducks over the summer and report back in the fall about sightings of the birds, Kukstis said.

Glover includes students in kindergarten through fifth grade.

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