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Man allegedly stabbed in fight over YouTube goat video

Kevin Sullivan, 28.WEYMOUTH POLICE

Lighthearted goat videos on YouTube usually make people laugh. But when a Weymouth woman shared a clip last week of a man ridiculing a goat called Kevin, a friend by the same name allegedly took it as a provocation.

It started when the woman took to Facebook to post the video, which officers said is “about a goat named Kevin who was not nice to other goats in the video,” according to a police report about the incident.

A YouTube video with the same title as the one named in the report has more than 1.6 million views and runs for a profanity-riddled minute and a half. It shows a man feeding treats to a herd of goats, and giving a hard time to a horned specimen he calls Kevin.


But the trouble started when Kevin Sullivan, the friend of the woman who posted the video, took offense.

“Kevin Sullivan believed this to be a direct insult towards him, and meant that he was a bad father,” the report stated.

Sullivan, a 28-year-old Weymouth resident, left the woman a voicemail message stating that he wanted to fight, police said.

Investigators believe Sullivan and the woman’s boyfriend had agreed to meet and talk about how the victim’s girlfriend had offended Sullivan by sharing the goat video on Facebook, the police report said.

When the woman and her boyfriend arrived to meet with Sullivan, he and his wife were in front of their house on Sea Street in Weymouth. A fistfight broke out before Sullivan pulled a knife and stabbed the boyfriend, police said.

The victim chased Sullivan back into Sullivan’s house with a wrench, his girlfriend told police. Officers found Sullivan inside. His injuries were not considered life-threatening.

Officers later recovered the knife from grass behind the house, police said in the report. The victim told police he did not know that Sullivan had a knife until after he had been stabbed.


Sullivan told police he stabbed the victim in self-defense, after Sullivan was attacked with the wrench. Police, however, did not believe that, saying that he had initially told officers he was not struck by the wrench. He then later changed his story and said he was, the report said.

Sullivan was arrested and charged with assault and battery with a deadly weapon, according to Norfolk District Attorney Michael Morrissey’s office. He pleaded not guilty Monday, and a judge imposed $2,500 bail.

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