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Old grenade found at Chatham construction site

Construction workers in Chatham had a moment of panic Wednesday morning when they uncovered a grenade at their site, officials said.

The rusty metal grenade with lettering along the side was not live and did not pose a threat, said Sergeant William Glover of the Chatham police department.

Glover said the grenade was found in a residential area on Queen Anne Road where workers were excavating a dirt embankment to build a concrete retaining wall.

“A construction worker saw it, called it into his boss, and the boss told him to call the police,” he said. “They didn’t disturb it.”

The grenade was probably unearthed a couple of days ago and rolled down to the construction site, Glover said.


State Police identified the object as a rifle grenade and removed it for disposal, Glover said. It was likely used for training, he said.

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