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In the market for a flood of goats? MSPCA has you covered.

The goats are settling in at Nevins Farm in Methuen.Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

The Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is looking for a lot of good homes for goats after a Western Massachusetts farmer — surprised at the rate at which the animals were breeding — surrendered 46 animals to the rescue group.

The MSPCA, which has the goats at its Nevins Farm facility in Methuen, said it has seen few cases of this size.

“It’s definitely one of the largest goat surrenders we’ve ever managed,” Gia Barss, barn manager for the farm, said in a statement. She has been “working nonstop to settle the goats into temporary living quarters,” the MSPCA said.


Many of the goats, which are “an assembly of alpine, pygmy, and Angora mixes,” are pregnant, and 10 are nursing kids younger than six months old.

Most of the goats are suffering from coccidia, a contagious bacterial infection of the intestines, and parasites, including round, whip, and tape worms.

“Despite these ailments — which are not uncommon when a population of herd animals like goats is allowed to grow unchecked — they are generally well socialized and friendly animals,” said Barss.

The MSPCA did not identify the farmer.

Barss believes all of the goats will recover completely, and the MSPCA is looking to find good homes for the animals.

“Goats are herd animals and do much better with friends of their own kind — or even the company of ponies or other herd animals,” said Barss. “We also hope to adopt out many of these goats in pairs or groups.”

People with questions about potential adoption can e-mail barnstaff@mspca.org .

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