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Sav-Mor fires up another sign aimed at McDonald’s

Sav-Mor Liquors adds a sign aimed at McDonald’s to its Medford location.Pawblo Picasso

Sav-Mor Discount Liquors apparently wants its sign battle with McDonald’s to keep on sizzling.

Days after a back-and-forth war of the marquees broke out between a McDonald’s and Sav-Mor along Somerville’s McGrath Highway, Sav-Mor’s Medford location joined in.

The sign on the Medford liquor store reads, “I wish I had a McDonald’s sign to play with.”

The message is a reference to the series of witty sayings that were displayed last week at the Somerville McDonald’s and Sav-Mor.

The playful banter began when Sav-Mor posted a sign poking fun at one that McDonald’s had displayed, advertising a deal on Egg McMuffins.


“2 Egg Muffin [for $5],” the outdoor sign said at McDonald’s.

In response, Sav-Mor wrote, “3 Egg Muffin [for] $4. Your move, McDonald’s.”

To get in on the fun, McDonald’s fired up the Mc-puns, and replied: “Sav Mor, You Ain’t Seen McMuffin Yet.”

Not to be outdone, Sav-Mor, known for its clever signage, fired back immediately, writing on their marquee, “My Boss Is Also a Clown. Thanks McDonald’s, I always Wanted an Arch Enemy.”

McDonald’s again replied: “Sav Mor We Don’t Crack Jokes We Crack Eggs.”

Time to get back to work, the sign seemed to be saying.

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