Geraldine Largay’s haunting messages

By Kathryn Miles Globe Correspondent 

Geraldine Largay disappeared mysteriously from the Appalachian Trail on July 23, 2013. Her body was not found until October 2015.

New evidence released by the Maine Game Warden Service indicates she had gone off the trail the morning before, looking for a place to go to the bathroom, and was unable to find her way back.


The files released by the service contain three haunting messages from Largay.

Two text messages to her husband, George, were never received due to poor cellphone service, the wardens said. Another message was found on a piece of paper when her body was found.

Text to her husband at 11:01 a.m. on July 22, 2013:

“In somm trouble. Got off trail to go to br. Now lost. Can u call AMC to c if a trail maintainer can help me. Somewhere north of woods road. XOX.”

Text to her husband at 4:18 p.m. on July 23, 2013:

“Lost since yesterday. Off trail 3 or 4 miles. Call police for what to do pls. XOX.”

Note dated Aug. 6, 2013, on a torn-out page of her journal:

“When you find my body, please call my husband George and my daughter Kerry. It will be the greatest kindness for them to know that I am dead and where you found me — no matter how many years from now. Please find it in your heart to mail the contents of this bag to one of them.”


Largay also attempted other texts, according to the warden service. The last activity on her phone was dated Aug. 6, 2013. Her last journal entry was made 12 days later, Aug. 18, 2013.