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This student inhaled a boutonniere pin — and then went to prom

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Wellesley High School senior Kathleen Garvey was determined to enjoy her prom last week — no matter what.

So when her date's boutonniere kept coming loose on the bus to the Royal Sonesta in Cambridge, she did her best to fix it, holding on to one of the pins with her mouth while securing the flower with the other.

But the pin in her mouth disappeared after she suddenly laughed when her date cracked a joke, Garvey told the Swellesley Report.

"Colin just stared at me and whispered 'Oh my god, where did it go?!' I stared back terrified and started coughing," Garvey told the community website. "Our friends nearby heard, and in a matter of seconds everyone in the bus knew and was in between hysterical laughter and absolute panic. I had no idea what to do."


Not entirely sure whether she had inhaled the pin or simply dropped it, the teenager went to her prom as planned and called her parents for permission to stay when security officials at the hotel tried to seek medical treatment for her, according to the Swellesley Report.

It wasn't until the next day that Garvey went to the hospital, which she said she did only to prove that she couldn't have inhaled the pin.

But sure enough, an X-ray revealed the 1.5-inch pin in her right bronchial tube.

Doctors at Mass. General Hospital were able to remove the pin through Garvey's mouth, and she didn't sustain any serious injuries.