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Fast Forward: New emojis released, Joe Biden in Ireland

Vice President Joe Biden addressed the White House Summit on the United State of Women last week in Washington.Cliff Owen/AP

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Here’s the news and information you need as you rev up for the day.

What’s it like outside? Another warm day, in the 80s. Spotty thunderstorms and humid this morning, drying out this afternoon.

While you were sleeping: Reuters reports that Israeli troops mistakenly killed a Palestinian bystander while responding with gunfire to a petrol bomb and rock attack on Israeli vehicles in the West Bank. In Britain, new polls show that sentiment may be shifting in favor of staying in the European Union, perhaps influenced by the recent murder of a member of Parliament who favored remaining in the EU.


Who are the Sox playing? Look, I know it’s his last year and all, but why on God’s green earth the Sox are giving out Papi Gnomes at Fenway tonight when there is a perfectly good gnomish character who plays second base is beyond me. In fact, Fanatics.com carries a Pedroia gnome (although it’s out of stock). Anyway, tonight Ortiz of the Underland will try to help the Sox recover from last night’s 10-inning loss to the lowly ChiSox, squandering another terrific performance by David Wright. But Buchholz is starting, so ... (7:10, NESN, WEEI)

Make Music Day: It’s an international observance in hundreds of cities around the world -- and of course, in Boston, where 175 artists will perform all over the city. Here’s the schedule.

Of course, it was a relative: The stepfather of 11-year-old Celina Cass of NH, who made a dramatic, public show of grief after she disappeared five years ago, will be arraigned for her murder today. Now he can cry in his Nutraloaf.


If at first you don’t succeed: Maine Sen. Susan Collins will introduce another gun sale ban proposal as soon as today, one day after her colleagues failed to pass any of four gun control measures in the aftermath of the worst mass killing in US history. Collins’ idea is to prohibit gun sales only to those on the no-fly list, which contains far, far fewer people than the terrorist watch list.

Praise the Lord and pass the votes: Donald Trump is making a full-court press to win over skeptical evangelicals today when he and Ben Carson meet with more than 1,000 Christian leaders in NYC. Bloomberg says he’ll announce an “Evangelical Executive Advisory Board,” presumably to help him distinguish between a Communion wafer and a little cracker.

Biden in Ireland: VP Joe Biden will finally make the trip he had planned to take with his son Beau: today he heads to Ireland, his ancestral homeland, for a six-day visit. He’ll stop at family homes in counties Louth and Mayo and meet with the Irish taoiseach (prime minister) and president. The Irish are delighted that Donald Trump will be next door in Scotland at one of his golf courses on Friday -- the same day Biden plans a speech aimed directly at the GOP candidate.

Misc.: Fed chair Janet Yellen will talk monetary policy before the Senate Banking Committee ... the IOC is expected to uphold the Rio Olympics ban on Russia’s track and field athletes because of doping.


Finally, 72 new emojis are being released today. Drooling face, nauseated face, fist bumps, a fencer, bacon, a potato ... Apple, Google, and Microsoft can start adding them to their new releases, so watch for new ways to be inane in messages. (And who knew there was a committee that controlled emojis? It’s the Unicode Consortium, which maintains software standards.) Emojipedia came up with illustrations of what it thinks the new emojis will look like:

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The Fast Forward email newsletter has the news that you need to launch your day. Sign up here.