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Cape Cod business wants its granite back

To lug 24 slabs of granite weighing several hundred pounds each from one location to another, someone would need several hours without interruptions, a very large truck, and a few brawny bodies to help.

But Rodolfo Lemos, owner of Cape Granite Connection, said he believes that’s exactly what must have happened at his business this week. On Monday, when he returned to his Cape office, he noticed that stacks of the heavy stone used for kitchen countertops and renovations were gone.

“I’m surprised,” Lemos said in a telephone interview. “It would take at least about four hours and two or three guys to do something like that. ... I never expected something like this to happen.”


According to Yarmouth Police, who posted an item about the alleged theft on Facebook, officers responded to Cape Granite Connection at 11 a.m. Monday, for a report of a prior breaking and entering.

It was then that Lemos told police that approximately $20,000 worth of “various granite slabs” had been mysteriously removed from the property.

Lemos said, according to police, that each piece of stone was at least nine feet long, and six feet wide, making them difficult to easily move.

Yarmouth police are investigating, and asking anyone with information to contact them directly. There were no security cameras or an alarm system at Lemos’ business, they said.

Police said they have never had a theft like this one before.

“Obviously, it would take several people to do it, and trucks — there’s a lot of weight involved,” said Deputy Chief Steven Xiarhos, in a message to the Globe.

Lemos, who has a showroom in Saugus, said he hopes the granite is found and returned soon.

“Whoever took it, unless you’re a business, I don’t see how you could do something like that,” he said. “I hope I can get them back. It’s quite a bit of money on a product that I don’t have insurance on.”


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