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Texas lieutenant governor calls Dallas protesters ‘hypocrites’

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick.REUTERS/Mike Stone/File Photo

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick called protesters in Dallas “hypocrites” on Friday for running from the scene of the shooting.

Patrick made the comments on Fox News in the aftermath of a sniper attack that killed five Dallas officers during a protest against recent police shootings.

“We have to have the backs of law enforcement. . . All those protesters last night, they ran around the other way expecting the men and women in blue to turn around and protect them. What hypocrites,” he said.

The lieutenant governor argued that social media postings and demonstrations contributed to Thursday’s violence.


“Too many in the general public who aren’t criminals but have a big mouth are creating situations like we saw tonight,” he said.

Patrick also said that while he did not blame last night’s protest in particular, which he called peaceful, “I do blame former Black Lives Matter protests.”

“All these officers lost their life protecting people who were protesting against them,” Patrick said at one point, his voice rising. “This has to end.”