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Cue the “Jaws” theme song.

A six-year-old who thought he caught a giant tuna off Cape Cod on Saturday had actually reeled in a great white shark, according to a report from the Cape Cod Times.

“I’ve never caught a shark in my six years of life,” Blake White deadpanned in a video interview on the Cape Cod Times website.

Blake, a self-described shark fan, detailed how he hooked into the great white to a Cape Cod Times reporter.

“I saw the line moving like crazy, and so I told [my] dad to go and get the rod,” Blake said in the Times’ video. “Then I said, ‘Dad, I think this is going to be a little too heavy, you can have it now.’”


Lars and Blake White.
Lars and Blake White.Screen shot courtesy of CBS

“All we could do is move the boat to follow the line and bring it in as slowly as we could,” dad Lars White told the Cape Cod newspaper. “We followed it northwest for about an hour and a half until we finally got it close enough to the boat, and we saw through the waves a shark coming down on us.”

“I was thinking it was a giant tuna,” Blake said in the video.

The father told the Times that they hooked the shark shortly after 1 p.m., approximately one mile from Rock Harbor near Eastham. He estimated it to be 10 to 12 feet long.

Lars told the paper that the shark was not hooked by its mouth, but rather “it swam into our lure, and we hooked it on its left pectoral fin.”

He said that when the shark “came up toward the surface. . . we were able to see him, and when he got him close to the boat, [we] took a couple pictures.”

Afterwards, the Whites cut the shark loose.


When asked by his dad what he wanted to do the next time he went fishing, Blake laughed, “Catch a smaller fish!”

Gregory Skomal, a state shark biologist, confirmed that the Whites did, indeed, catch a great white shark, according to the Cape Cod Times.

A photo of the shark seen by Lars and Blake White.
A photo of the shark seen by Lars and Blake White.Screen shot courtesy of CBS