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Seven teenagers arrested for vandalism at Fort Revere in Hull

Seven teenagers were arrested in Hull early Friday for spray-painting vulgar, sexual, and racist graffiti on the newly painted walls of historic Fort Revere, according to police.

Arrested were Samantha Foley, Alexis Osborne, Keri Mulvehill, and Julia Kolar, all age 18 and residents of Marshfield. Foley was also charged with illegal possession of alcohol, according to a statement from Hull police.

Three 17-year-old males, two from Marshfield and one from Braintree, were also arrested and charged as juveniles. Because they are underage, their names were not released by police.

All members of the group will be charged with malicious destruction of property, trespassing, and "tagging," or writing graffiti, on the walls of the fort that helped to protect Boston Harbor during the American Revolution.


The fort is also the burial site for several French soldiers who fought alongside the Minutemen during the war. Hull Police Chief Robert C. Sawtelle denounced the vandalism.

"Fort Revere is part of American history," he said. "It is also hallowed ground for the French, and we will not tolerate its disrespect, destruction, or desecration."

The group was arrested after a Hull police officer on patrol at Fort Revere noticed "a large amount of different-colored graffiti," police said in the statement. The teenagers were found nearby, with spray-paint bottles and paint on their hands, police said.

Samantha J. Gross

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