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MBTA armored cars got unauthorized sunroofs, Baker says

Someone cut sunroofs in two of the MBTA’s armored cars used to transport money, Governor Charlie Baker said Wednesday.

Baker revealed the new detail Wednesday in a speech reviewing the progress the T has made in the year since he set up a new board to fix the beleaguered agency. Baker didn’t say anything else about the sunroofs in the speech.

The T has been plagued by a number of problems, including an unsustainable operating budget, a pension system that Baker described as “in freefall,” and inefficient warehouse and cash counting operations.

In one of the more recent revelations, a consultant hired by the T reported this month that the T’s cash-counting operation has twice the number of workers typically employed by private companies in the industry, but the workers often complete just a fraction of the work they should compared with the industry standard.


The critical audit found a number of other problems at the 78-worker department, including serious security lapses at the cash-counting department in Charlestown that left the operation inadequately protected and at risk of theft and danger to its employees.

The audit found that a door to the vault room was duct-taped, cameras were removed or missing at guard stations, and keys to areas throughout the facility were not securely managed and inventoried, T officials said.

Transportation Secretary Stephanie Pollack has called the department “poorly and inefficently run.”