Read Margaret McKenna’s statement about her Suffolk departure

Suffolk University President Margaret McKenna.
Suffolk University President Margaret McKenna.Jonathan Wiggs/Globe Staff/Globe Staff

Suffolk University and Margaret McKenna, who was formerly the school’s president, have parted ways. Here’s McKenna’s statement about her departure in full:

I came to Suffolk University with an open heart and a plan for reform. I fought a good fight against entrenched interests and a board that did not understand university governance, as evidenced by a revolving door of now six Presidents in as many years.

In February, I made an agreement with the board that I believed served the interests of Suffolk University, its students and its faculty. But, sadly, the forces that have been at work since the inception of my presidency have continued through these months to undermine that agreement.


In response to allegations in a demand letter sent by George Regan, subsequent to his termination as a vendor, the board authorized an intensive and extremely costly investigation. The investigation found absolutely no evidence of any financial misconduct of any kind. During today’s meeting, there was no mention of substantive findings relating to Regan’s allegations.

There were three reasons given for the termination for cause: Inadequate communication regarding NEASC to the board; providing certain information to NEASC, including the letter written by the Faculty Senate; and my participation in a meeting with the Boston Globe editorial board after the February 5th agreement was announced.

I believe this termination is unfair and, in pursuit of the truth, I plan to pursue a mediation process.

The last six months have been among the most difficult of my professional life. I have been disheartened by the violations of basic process and the negative impact on the truly outstanding Suffolk University academic community. Suffolk University most assuredly deserves better.