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Ayanna Pressley hates your flip-flops. Yes, the footwear.


Boston City Councilor Ayanna Pressley has some thoughts she wants to share about shoes — or specifically, flip-flops.

During this week’s Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, where Pressley was a delegate for Hillary Clinton, the councilor sent out a seemingly random tweet blasting the open-toed shoes as “tacky and dangerous.”

At first one might wonder if Pressley was talking about political “flip-flops.” But minutes later, Pressley clarified: This was a frontal assault against the footwear.

Wait. What?!

“This is something I had been percolating on for a while,” Pressley said in a Thursday evening phone interview. “This week, we’ve been talking about political revolutions and getting into formation, but then I look around at all the flip-flops and thought, ‘We’re in trouble.’ ”


Pressley, who is known around City Hall for her snazzy attire, said her tweet came about organically after seeing people so casually dressed on the convention floor later in the week.

On Monday, everyone is in their best outfits, Pressley said. By Thursday? Not so much.

Another factor in her anti-flip-flop philosophy: Pressley has gotten older, is now a mother, and wants to encourage others to wear shoes with more support, she said.

Some followers were put off by Pressley’s tweet and accused her of imposing conventional standards of beauty and dress upon women.

“If I want to show up and get into #formation wearing a paper bag, who are you to tell me I can’t?” one tweet said.

Pressley responded by reminding the upset few that her statement was in jest. Pressley said she’s very sensitive to the “outdated cultural norms” to which women are held.

Astead W. Herndon can be reached at astead.herndon@globe.com.