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Watch: Shark chows down on seal off Cape Cod

Researchers from the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy had one word to describe video captured this week of a great white shark biting into the remains of a seal underwater: “Badass.”

The conservancy, a nonprofit organization based on Cape Cod, posted footage of the shark enjoying its meal to Facebook and Twitter late Tuesday night.

The group, which goes out on a boat twice weekly during the great white season to tag and study the ferocious creatures, said the video was taken by state biologist Greg Skomal during an expedition Monday.

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After witnessing a predation off the Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge in Chatham, researchers said the shark then carried the remains of the seal past their vessel. Skomal plunged a GoPro camera affixed to a long pole into the water to record the action.

“Best way to describe the footage . . . Badass!” the conservancy said in an enthusiastic Facebook post.

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The video shows the shark swimming toward the camera, thrashing back and forth with a piece of the seal’s body in its jaws. The shark then fades back into the murky emerald waters with its catch in tow.

“Dr. Skomal has captured footage of a white shark ‘rag dolling’ a seal above the [ocean’s] surface, but this is the first [time] underwater,” the conservancy said in a statement to the Globe.

Conservancy officials said this particular shark has been to Cape Cod waters before. The 11-foot-long female was documented by the group and nicknamed “Mrs. Krabs” in 2015.