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A warning to Jimmy Buffett fans: Don’t bring homemade commodes

Jimmy Buffett fans should leave homemade toilets at home, Mansfield police warned ahead of the weekend’s concert at the Xfinity Center.Mansfield Police

Mansfield police want “Parrotheads” attending this weekend’s Jimmy Buffett concert at the Xfinity Center to remember a few things before showing up for the festivities.

Number one: Enjoy the day. Number two: Don’t bring a homemade toilet to the venue to use during tailgating, ahead of the performance.

Some Buffett fans who have gone to a concert at the Mansfield amphitheater in the past have been known to create impromptu toilets to avoid waiting in the long lines to use the portable toilets. And sometimes they have left the makeshift waste receptacles behind.

But police have warned concertgoers in a Facebook post that the practice of going to the bathroom in what they call “tent toilets” won’t fly this year.


“We want to get the word out early this year that the ‘tent toilets’ will not be permitted (or tolerated),” police wrote Sunday on Facebook. “We know, we know ... no one likes to poo in a Porta-Loo, but think of it as an experience to build character. Like showering at camp with a family of spiders.”

In the tongue-in-cheek post, police said they understood that attendees, after “eating questionably-refrigerated meat and sipping a few adult beverages,” will need to relieve themselves.

Fortunately, police said, concert promoters are prepared, and will have plenty of places to do just that.

“The folks at Live Nation New England have supplied the parking lots with an abundance of actual health-code-compliant toilets that aren’t attached to the bumper of a pickup truck,” police wrote in their post, which included four images of different man-made latrines.

The warning from police was prompted by incidents at past Buffett appearances at the Xfinity Center. According to the Sun Chronicle, police patrolled the parking lot at last year’s concert, looking specifically for the makeshift portable toilets.


Police had to tell at least 75 attendees to get rid of their toilets, which are hidden inside tents and are sometimes made from 5-gallon plastic buckets with a pool noodle as a toilet seat. Officers said last year that about 10 toilets were left behind following the music event.

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