David Ortiz’s image carved in to Sterling corn maze

The likeness of David Ortiz can be seen next to the message “Thanks Big Papi.”
The likeness of David Ortiz can be seen next to the message “Thanks Big Papi.”Davis Mega Maze

David Ortiz’s face is being memorialized in a Sterling corn maze this fall.

Davis Mega Maze is honoring the retiring Red Sox legend as the theme of this year’s puzzle.

In rows of corn, Ortiz is depicted wearing sunglasses with his fingers pointed skyward, as if fresh off a home run. Next to his face is the message “Thanks Big Papi.”

Maze co-owner Larry Davis said his team had just finished putting the finishing touches on the theme for this year’s maze when 47, a company that makes Red Sox merchandise, approached him about the Ortiz idea.

Ever since, “things have been crazy around here,” he said.


Despite the last-minute change of plans, Davis was enthusiastic about the coming season and expressed admiration for Ortiz and the way he plays the game.

“He always did it with integrity. Sometimes that meant sitting on the bench for a game and waiting until he was called on to act,” Davis said.

It’s the first time the corn maze has depicted a person’s face. The closest previous design was a pirate theme that featured a skull and crossed sabres.

Davis said the farm’s intricate designs, which have included aliens, dinosaurs, and the wild west, have been a hit, but they’re not easy. Ninety-five percent of participants don’t beat the maze.

“Just by dumb luck, if you happen to take all the right turns, you could be out of the Mega Maze in 30 minutes. That so rarely happens,” he said.

The farm plans to host a kick-off event next Tuesday where the slugger will be able to view the maze design from a helicopter, Davis said.

After that, the corn maze will be open on fall weekends and Mondays that fall on holidays.

Use the scroll bar below to see an illustration of the maze:


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