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Former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling joined about two dozen Donald Trump supporters on a rain-chilled and windswept Boston City Hall Plaza on Saturday afternoon to denounce Hillary Clinton and what several speakers called the "Clinton crime family."

"At the end of the day, casting a vote for Hillary Clinton is to tell the rest of the world there is no level of corruption you won't accept in the White House," said Schilling, a Trump supporter who has defended some of the Republican nominee's controversial statements.

"This is the most corrupt woman, the most corrupt family in the history of politics," he continued. "And we deserve better as a nation."


Schilling said Trump, if elected, would bring change to Washington, while Clinton would deliver "four more years of what we've had the last eight."

The former All-Star had this advice for potential voters who don't support either Trump or Clinton: "If you're not informed, do not vote, because on the table right now is two to four Supreme Court justices and the future generations of our Supreme Court."

He said justices chosen by Clinton would threaten Second Amendment rights of gun ownership.

The small rally, part of the #HerLiesMatter anti-Clinton movement, got the attention of some pedestrians passing through Government Center, including a woman who yelled, "I love Hillary," prompting another passerby to respond that all politicians are corrupt.

Schilling is an outspoken conservative who has gotten into hot water over controversial statements made in interviews and online. In April, he was fired by ESPN after reposting a Facebook meme mocking transgender people.

Late last month, Schilling said he was seriously considering a 2018 run against US Senator Elizabeth Warren, a liberal Democrat whom he has criticized repeatedly.

Trump supporters gathered at Boston City Hall Plaza for a rally on Saturday.
Trump supporters gathered at Boston City Hall Plaza for a rally on Saturday.The Boston Globe/Globe Freelance

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