Boston Latin officials to allow students to wear leggings

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Boston Latin School.
Boston Latin School.Pat Greenhouse

Boston Latin School students can wear leggings to class, after all.

Administrators relented on some aspects of the school dress code, allowing students to wear the tight-fitting stretch pants as long as they aren't sheer or see-through, officials said. Leggings had been prohibited by the code, unless worn with appropriate shorts or a skirt.

Officials at the city's top exam school "met with several students who had expressed concern about the existing dress code" and "reached an agreement to amend the dress code," Boston Public Schools said in a statement Wednesday.

The amendment came after the school posted a bulletin reminding students the school's "longstanding" dress code would be enforced beginning Nov. 1. That prompted some grumbling from students, who said the code unfairly targeted girls and minorities, as the Boston Herald first reported.


More than 1,000 people signed an online petition at change.org that called the dress code "patriarchal" because "men can decide whether a female's clothing is appropriate or inappropriate."

The petition was started by an account under the name Charlie Cao, who identified himself as a Boston Latin student. In an update to the site published Monday, the person writing under Cao's name said students had reached an agreement with interim headmaster Michael Contompasis.

In the school department's statement, officials said they valued the student input. "Boston Latin School respects the power of student voice and encourages students to share any concerns about school policy directly to school administrators."

BLS is hoping to build more harmony on the campus to heal the racial rift that erupted during the last school year.

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