Candidates returning donations from Thornton Law Firm attorneys

By Globe Staff

On Sunday, the Globe Spotlight team and the Center for Responsive Politics teamed up to report that attorneys at Boston’s Thornton Law Firm donated $1.6 million from 2010 through 2014 to Democratic Party fund-raising committees and numerous politicians.

In return, Thornton lawyers received $1.4 million in “bonuses” over that period; more than 280 of the contributions precisely matched bonuses that were paid within 10 days.


Thornton was ranked 11th nationally for political contributions in 2014, the report said, even though Thornton isn’t among the 100 biggest firms in the state.

Since the report’s publication, a number of candidates have stepped forward to say they’re turning the donated money over to the US Treasury Department. As of late Tuesday, that amount exceeded $300,000. Among them: