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‘The race is on,’ Mike Pence tells N.H. Republicans

Mike Pence spoke Sunday in Panama City, Fla.Heather Howard/News Herald/AP

WINDHAM, N.H. — Vice presidential nominee Mike Pence fired up a small crowd here Sunday night, vowing the election is not over and urging New Hampshire to make the difference in the highly contested presidential contest.

“This race is on,’’ Pence bellowed, noting polls that show a close race. “It’s all tied up in New Hampshire.”

Pence’s visit was the final leg of a barnstorming effort that saw him in Florida and North Carolina making the case to elect Donald Trump president.

Highlighting how crucial the state is to the race, the Indiana governor will return to New Hampshire on Monday after another cross-country blitz to shore up votes before Election Day.


He told the crowd in Windham that while Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is planning for Cabinet members and measuring the drapes for the Oval Office, he and Trump are working hard for votes.

“I know in my heart of hearts that in two days from now, New Hampshire is going to lead the way and make America great again,’’ said Pence.

Pence also addressed the latest development in the FBI inquiry into Clinton’s e-mails, insisting that the former secretary of state circumvented the law by using a private server.

Pence arrived at the Trump campaign office in Windham nearly an hour after his 8:30 p.m. scheduled arrival. Volunteers had spent the time calling potential voters, and supporters arrived carrying signs and wearing hats with Trump’s slogan.

Pence made a pitch for New Hampshire Republican candidates as well, including US Senator Kelly Ayotte who fighting for her political life.

He noted the “neck-and-neck” race, saying he was moved by Independents who are supporting the Trump ticket.

Maria Bertolaccini, a Derry, N.H., resident who has been knocking on doors every weekend, said the race has come down the wire. She said she hasn’t been able to sleep and is tuned to cable TV news, catching every detail.


“I feel like I had this calling like I’ve never felt before,’’ she said.

Maria Di Liegro, also from Derry, said she’s confident about the race. But if Clinton wins, she said, then the election was rigged.

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