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Trump supporter holding sign in Conn. street assaulted, police say

MERIDEN, Conn. — Police have accused two men of attacking a Donald Trump supporter.

The incident happened around noon Saturday in Meriden, a city between New Haven and Hartford, according to NBC Connecticut.

Police say the male victim was waving an American flag and holding a Trump sign in a traffic island when two men driving by gave him the middle finger.

The victim, who police declined to name, said he responded by saying ‘‘same to you,’’ prompting the men to start punching and kicking him until a nearby officer intervened.

Wilson Eschevarria, a 32-year-old Meriden resident, was charged with third-degree assault. Anthony Hobdy, a 36-year-old from Meriden, was charged with third-degree assault, heroin possession, and other charges.


It wasn’t immediately clear if the two men had lawyers.