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Fast Forward: A cleansing rain, safe biking, and Obama-Biden memes

A bicycle remained underneath a tractor-trailer at the scene of a fatal crash last month in Cambridge.
A bicycle remained underneath a tractor-trailer at the scene of a fatal crash last month in Cambridge.Scott Eisen for The Boston Globe/file

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Good morning ... here’s some news and information as you rev up for the day.

What’s it like outside? Rain starts this morning and lasts all day, so if you have any dirty clothes, hang them out NOW. There’ll be more coastal flooding, a good excuse to wear your Steve Urkel highwaters. Temps will be in the 50s.

While you were sleeping: The Syrian government and Russia resumed bombing Aleppo after a three-week hiatus they said was to allow rebels and their supporters to leave the city, which of course they didn’t do ... A US warship on its way to Auckland to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the New Zealand Navy was diverted to Kaikoura so its helicopters could be used to evacuate people stranded by the earthquake.

Hey, sport: Unbelievable. The Celtics fell to the lowly Pelicans last night, 106-105, in a game in which they were behind most of the time, capped by a couple of botched plays at the end. The Bruins are off until Thursday, but honestly, I need a break from both of these teams for awhile.


Indians manager Terry Francona is up for AL Manager of the Year today, along with Buck Showalter of the Orioles and the Rangers’ Jeff Banister. In the NL, World Series victor Joe Maddon of the Cubs is competing with Dusty Baker of the Nationals and Boston fave Dave Roberts of the Dodgers.

Tales from Trump Tower: VP-elect Mike Pence visits the gilded citadel today to discuss Cabinet positions and major appointments with his boss. AP reports that Rudy Giuliani has the inside track to be secretary of state. WaPo’s Radley Balko reviews what he says was Giuliani’s authoritarian, vindictive reign as NYC mayor and a federal prosecutor. Bracing stuff. Others are reporting that John Bolton, one of the biggest hawks in the GOP foreign policy firmament, also is under consideration.


I wonder how Charlie Baker, who refused to vote for his party’s nominee, will be greeted at the Republican Governors Association meetings in Orlando today. Then again, he’s one of the most popular governors in the country ...

Democrats huddle on Capitol Hill today in their first caucus since the election, with some in the House wondering if it’s time for Nancy Pelosi to go in favor of someone who represents the heartland.

Riding a bike around Boston and environs can be a risky proposition: In the first four months of 2016, eight people were killed and 307 injured from bicycle crashes on Boston streets. In Cambridge, two bicyclists have been killed this year. At noon, a Northeastern University professor will urge a City Council committee to consider instituting what are known as stress-free bicycle networks: Routes that are safe enough that even the most traffic-shy bikers will ride on them.

The prof, Peter Furth, is a civil and environmental engineer and has been studying how to get more people to ride bicycles for several years. And the biggest obstacle is scary streets: roads with high speed limits, few if any bike lanes, and large intersections. He has mapped the safe bike roads in cities like San Jose and Boston. There are plenty of them. The problem is they are disconnected: tiny islands of safety cut off from each other by dangerous, high-traffic routes.


So if all you want to do is cruise around your neighborhood, you’re all set. But if you want to bike to work, or to the store, or to a friend’s house, you’re out of luck.

His solution? Connect those islands of safety by making the dangerous roads in between safer with slower traffic speeds, median refuge islands, bike lanes separated with a barrier, among other ideas. (City Council President Michelle Wu saw the concept in action in Copenhagen.) His presentation to the council’s Parks, Recreation, and Transportation Committee in in the Piemonte Room on the 5th floor of City Hall.

Safe bicycle routes in San Diego (in green) as mapped by Professor Peter Furth look like islands separated from each other by more dangerous roads.
Safe bicycle routes in San Diego (in green) as mapped by Professor Peter Furth look like islands separated from each other by more dangerous roads.

More of your thoughts on the election:

Deb Campbell: We, the UNITED States of America, elected a DIVISIVE, INTOLERANT clown ... God Bless the Divisive States of America! This clown pulled the most vile and disgusting people in America out of their dark caves.

Cherié Johnson: In the end, Clinton’s lies, deceit and complete disregard for making public her Goldman Sachs and other private speeches, demonstrated just how many figurative beds she’s in, and she simply could not be trusted. The Clintons have long thought themselves above the law, and their political clout has proven that to be true, but the people have said “no more.” I didn’t vote for Mr. Trump because I don’t condone hatred (but I didn’t want to vote for Hillary, because nor do I condone lies and deceit), but congratulations! I hope you’ll do right by the people, not corporate America, these next four years!

Garion Masterson: Even if Donald Trump becomes the greatest president alive, his voters did so after multiple uses of hate-filled speech against minorities, a number of sexual assault allegations and bare-minimum conversation about policy. Even if he pandered, what kind of culture did it show us that Americans believe in that it worked for him?


Macy Lipkin: Last weekend, my school put on our production of “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.” Mitch Mahoney, the comfort counselor, gives a soliloquy when the previous year’s winner is the first to lose: “You can’t comfort these damn kids. They don’t know yet that the good don’t always win.” Thank you, Mitch, for warning us.

Barbara Mitchell: I am a 74-year-old woman who has voted in every election possible in her life. My first vote was against Barry Goldwater in 1964. I have been upset many times by the results, but never has an election made me cry! This one has. The prospect of a president Trump is so appalling to me that I feel ill. I hope I live long enough to see a different result. God bless this poor country.

Finally, with Barack Obama and his crazy uncle Joe Biden leaving the White House, memes about Joe’s supposed pranks for the incoming prez are popping up. I leave you with a bunch of them compiled by CNN.

Thanks for reading. If you’re so inclined, please follow me on Twitter: I’m @BostonTeresa. See you tomorrow.

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