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‘We will not compromise our values as a city,’ Mayor Walsh vows

Mayor Martin J. Walsh gestured to the crowd after delivering a speech at the Democratic National Convention in July.Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images

Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh, who supported Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race, vowed Monday not to let a President-elect Donald Trump impede progressive efforts in the city.

In an open letter called “Where do we go from here?”, Walsh acknowledged last week’s results were a “‘change election’ and then some,” but said Boston would not change its values as President-elect Trump prepares to take office.

“We will not compromise our values as a city. That’s our sacred duty.

“We will defend our friends, neighbors, and family members from any and all efforts to exclude them, harm them, or strip them of their rights. Boston is a city of inclusion, a city of compassion, a welcoming, diverse, global city. We’ll stay that way,” the mayor wrote.


Walsh had previously emphasized his support for all residents, regardless of their immigration status.

The letter comes amid heightened tensions nationwide as anti-Trump protesters have taken to the streets in several cities, including in the Greater Boston area. High school students in California, Oregon, and other states conducted walkouts on Monday. There have also been reports of attacks against Trump supporters.

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