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Nine Tufts students are diagnosed with mumps

Tufts University is encouraging students to take precautionary measures after nine students were diagnosed with mumps.

All nine cases have been diagnosed over the past three weeks on the school’s Medford campus, according to Patrick Collins, a Tufts spokesman.

Collins said the university is asking for students, faculty, and staff to all go to Tufts Heath Services if they believe they may have symptoms.

The most common mumps symptoms are swelling of the cheeks and jaw, according to the state’s Department of Public Health. Other symptoms include fever, headache, stiff neck, and loss of apetite.

Tufts is also working with municipal and state health officials on the matter and will continue to monitor diagnoses, Collins said.


The Department of Public Health said in a statement they are working with Tufts and Medford’s Health Department to monitor the spread of illness to students and staff.

The state department is encouraging people to be vaccinated for mumps, which is usually mild but can become serious in rare cases.

This is not the first time Tufts has seen multiple cases of mumps. In March, the university cautioned students to pay extra attention to their health after two confirmed and one suspected case of mumps, according to the university’s emergency management website.

Tufts is the most recent university to report an outbreak of mumps.

Framingham State University also had a student test postive for mumps in October and both Harvard University and Boston University had several cases of mumps in March and April.

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