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Police shoot, kill a robbery suspect on the Lynnway

Police were investigating at the scene of Tuesday’s shooting.
Police were investigating at the scene of Tuesday’s shooting.Massachusetts State Police

LYNN — Police here shot and killed a man they believed was armed with a gun Tuesday morning, after he allegedly robbed a gas station then refused to remove his hands from his pockets, authorities said.

Officers had been told that 41-year-old Michael McInnis of Malden had robbed a gas station on the Lynnway shortly before 3:45 a.m. and was carrying a handgun, according to Lynn police and the Essex County district attorney’s office. The authorities would not say whether they found a gun after the shooting.

The officer who shot McInnis was not identified.

Police said they spotted the man as he walked near 451 Lynnway shortly after the alleged robbery and ordered him to stop so they could question him.


Police also ordered the man to take his hands out of his pockets, officials said. But the man did not comply, they said, prompting two officers to back away from him. Officers then ordered the man to stop walking toward them, officials said.

When the man continued to advance toward them, an officer opened fire, officials said.

“McInnis refused to comply with numerous requests by the officers to show his hands,” the district attorney’s office said in a statement.

“At some point, one of the officers discharged his weapon twice, striking him in the upper torso.”

A recording of police radio transmissions from Broadcastify.com that includes the time of the shooting captured officers describing a man walking down the Lynnway.

“I think I got him, on the Lynnway across from the bowling alley,” one officer said. About 25 seconds later, an officer said, “Coming right to you guys, other side of the Lynnway.” It’s not clear whether both voices were the same officer.

About 15 seconds later, an officer’s out-of-breath voice comes across the radio: “Shots fired, shots fired.” Police request medical assistance and for the street to be closed.


The district attorney’s office will investigate the use of deadly force.

Map: 451 Lynnway

Globe correspondent Felicia Gans contributed to this report. John R. Ellement
can be reached at ellement@globe.com. Evan Allen can be reached at evan.allen@globe.com.