Box truck crashes into Westwood bridge

An infamous bridge in Westwood sheared the top off another box truck on Christmas Eve, police said.

The top of the truck hit the East Street Bridge at 12:44 p.m., according to Westwood Police Detective Paul Toland, a department spokesman. There was significant damage to the top of truck, which was being driven by someone from Randolph.

The crash closed East Street from the time of the crash until shortly after 2 p.m., Toland said.

The bridge is operated by the MBTA and is in the midst of a redesign process, Toland said. It is not uncommon for too-tall trucks to crash into the bridge, which stands at 10 feet 6 inches from the ground.


The Globe reported that 81 crashes took place there between 2009 and 2015. Some involved drivers hitting the bottom of the overpass and others involved cars slamming into a curb that protrudes from under the bridge.

A video of the Christmas Eve crash was originally posted to the police department’s YouTube page. Toland said it was removed after the town administration asked that it “not be put up in public.”

Videos of past collisions with the bridge are still posted online.

The Globe has filed a request for a copy of the video under the Freedom of Information Act.

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